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Malta Work Permit Visa

Apply Malta Work Permit Visa With Migration Standards

There are many sorts of visas that will be required based on the objective of your visit to Malta. Whether you want to visit, study, or work in Malta and live permanently, you will need to apply for a separate Malta Schengen Visa with Migration Standards.

A Malta Work Permit Visa is a godsend for several people since the conditions and living style in the island nations favor a lot. The glaring point is the temperate weather which is pretty chill to experience and easy-going with high-end salaries.

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Malta Visa Benefits

Having a Malta Work Permit Visa is a specific dream for quite a few people. The country is a part of the European Union and offers significant opportunities and a better lifestyle than you can imagine. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy:

Impressive Taxation Slabs and Ranges

Normal Working Hours per Week (40)

A decent number of Paid Leaves per Year (25)

Impeccable Social Security Benefits

Multicultural for International Employees

Eligibility Criteria

A sole permit, also known as an e-residence card, allows people to live and work in Malta, although the candidate must have a working visa to continue.

Typically, the single permit is approved in two to three months. The permission is only good for a year. The residency card is associated with the employer whose employment contract was provided in the application. If the individual no longer works for that particular employer, the card will become null and void.

The employer may approve the form on the part of the employee. If the application is approved, an approval document is sent to the employer, allowing the candidate to travel to Malta and work. At this point, candidates can obtain a visa to visit Malta depending on the letter and then finish the single permit procedure while in Malta.

Single permits can be extended by filing a renewal application, which must be supported by paperwork proving that taxation and national insurance premiums have been fully paid for the previous 12 months.

Our experts suggest that individuals from non-European countries can apply for a Single Permit Application, which is handled by their company and grants them the ability to work and reside in Malta. The following papers must be submitted with the registration for a Single Permit:

  • A copy of a current employment contract.
  • Private medical insurance plan with a 12-month relevant period.
  • Cover letter from a potential employer.
  • The employer-signed job specification.
  • A verified CV demonstrating equivalent work experience.

How To Apply?

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