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Work & Live in Malta

Malta, a small Mediterranean island country has become a destination of choice for people looking to work abroad. Particularly for Indians and other similar cultures, Malta is a massive talking point.

Malta is known for its comprehensive working ecosystem. The islands have the means, people, and culture to provide professionals and entrepreneurs with the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals where business gets done.

Malta Work Permit Visa by Migration Standards

In this respect, anyone who wishes to work on the Maltese islands and is not an EU citizen, i.e. is a third-country national, is required to have a valid employment license (Work Permit) to work in Malta.

Impressive Salaries

Higher salaries are one of the biggest positives to living in Malta.

Professional Help

Our team will keep you updated & be in touch with you throughout the ordeal.

Consistent Support

Any hassle with the documentation or movement, we got your back!

Why Work In Malta?

Malta is heavily considered to be the primary destination for people from all over the world. Even though being a part of the European Union, Malta has several positives compared to other staple countries in the European Union with similar sets of laws, which Migration Standards will make sure to obtain you your Malta PR Visa.

Forms to be Filled for Malta PR Visa
  • Employment/Self Employment- CEA Form C
  • Family Members - CEA Form G
  • Economic Self Sufficiency- CEA Form K
  • Posted Workers - CEA Form O

Live Life to the Fullest in Malta

Albeit there are better countries, objectively, around the globe, there is something that the said Island Nation attracts with significantly better style and standards of living. The small location is quite underrated when it comes to the benefits it provides.


To be honest, there’s no reason why anyone would want to choose Malta over any other landlocked country. However, here are some of the benefits of living and working in Malta that might not add up when it comes to other countries.

  • Amazing Climate
  • Exceptional Value for Money
  • Affordable Public Transport
  • English is one of the Key languages
  • Merciful Taxation Slabs